Cultivating generosity through the practice of dana

nuns pinkIn the 2600 year history of the Theravadan Buddhist tradition that Cheryl is trained in (generally called Vipassana, or Insight meditation, in the West), teachings have been freely offered to all as an act of dana.  Dana is a Pali word– Pali being the historical Indian language we believe the Buddha taught in– that translates as generosity moved by compassion for all beings.  Since the time of the Buddha, the teachings have been offered freely not only because they are considered priceless and beyond commercial valuation, but also to ensure access to all those who seek relief from suffering, regardless of  their economic status.

This is a beautiful intention that comes directly from the wise heart of the teachings themselves, and it works well in the traditional monastic tradition.  In Asian countries, Buddhist teachers are supported by monasteries, which are in turn supported by their communities.  However, most Western Vipassana teachers, like Cheryl, are laypeople living in the community, with rent, utilities and grocery bills just like everyone else, and who depend on donations from students and spiritual communities for income.

If you decide to download a talk or meditation from this site, or if you wish to support Cheryl’s dharma work in the world, please consider making a donation as part of your dharma practice of generosity.  Any donation you make here will go to support Cheryl’s livelihood, and the teachers and non-profit dharma organizations that she supports in turn, in her personal practice of ethical livelihood.

Your offering is deeply appreciated, and through the law of interconnection reverberates out to touch all those who touch this site, and onward, to all beings everywhere, without exception.

May all beings everywhere know the greatest happiness, which is peace.


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